August 28, 2019

Fintelum – a company of the week

Kyle Sonlin & Herwig Konings

Ultimately, we’re on the bleeding edge here. This is a good sign of momentum, processes and best practices and successful issuances are happening in Europe. It certainly seems like there are many that are meant to be upcoming and, of course, we expect that to exponentially grow.

We’ve been in this industry for quite a while and when we first started, it seemed like the U.S. was really the only jurisdiction that is trying to pioneer security tokens.

Now we’re really starting to see Europe grow and flourish in this space, which is fantastic. As we said so many times, it’s a global financial system and one that very much needs to be adopted in all other jurisdictions in a complementary way.

I think that we’ve seen a lot of great progress from European issuance platforms and, in some cases, seen a really good progress from European STOs that, potentially, have inspired other businesses to consider this method as a viable or semi-viable option, depending on the quality of the project.

Anyone who is promoting transparency in the industry around data, anyone who’s bringing unique insights and sharing their research is something we always advocate for and try to do ourselves.

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