October 1, 2019

Interview – Money and Reforms conference #investEU

Eiropas Komisijas Pārstāvniecība

Liza Aizupiete (Fintelum CEO) interviewed at the largest conference on EU funding in the Baltic states this autumn MONEY and Reforms: Next Generation of European INVESTMENTS.

Liza Aizupiete interview at Money and Reforms conference

Q1: Did you get any new insights in today’s conference?

LA: Well, let’s first acknowledge that both money and investments are already being innovated without anyone’s permission. And the leader in that innovation is Bitcoin and it’s blockchain. Of course, from the EU regulatory standpoint, it was valuable to hear that regulators and supervisory authorities recognise the need for the industry advancement and the general direction of that advancement.

Q2: Are there any other take-aways, perhaps from the speakers? Did anyone leave a particular impression on you? 

LA: Yes, I did like one colleague’s presentation, his name is Jacek Kubas. He is doing something really important for the Baltic capital markets. In other words, creating a unified market basis for the Baltic region. Unifying the capital markets is a good initiative to avoid fragmentation. And my question was, if blockchain technologies will somehow be involved in this? The answer was that  most likely yes, which I personally applaud as a professional in this industry. 

Q3: It’s one thing to listen-in to the great speakers, but another is to make contacts and potential partners. Did you find any good opportunities to network here, say, during the breaks?

LA: Absolutely. Although, I saw myself as the only one from the private sector. All the people here seem to be from the public sector, which makes these contacts rather focused. The venue is small and cozy, so I can say that networking part is a success.

More information about the conference: in Latvian.