March 20, 2019

How to be an agent for Fintelum?


Why be an agent?

If you wish to work independently, create your own plans and strategies, communicate with crypto entrepreneurs, and get generously rewarded for your success – becoming an agent with Fintelum is right for you. You will find it an educational experience. And it’ll increase your knowledge about marketing, cryptocurrencies, law among others. 


So you’ve finally decided to become a Fintelum agent, that’s great. Enrolment process is an easy and quick task – simply fill in the required information in the enrolment form and a contact person will reach out to you briefly. You will be presented with an agent agreement, which binds us, the company towards you, as the agent. 

Where to start?

Before we begin, it may be a good idea to familiarise yourself with Fintelum services and do a little research about what we do. You can study our informational materials, that are available on our website, as well as researching our social media engagements and videos. After you’re familiar with Fintelum services, you can start developing a strategy to reach potential clients. 

Local Meet-ups

Start by searching your local community events. Today communities are ever more connected. There’re various web and mobile apps that can be used to find relevant events nearby. And people seek out each other based on many different interests. Your interest would be to look out for startups. Small or medium companies that are looking to grow and attract external financing. Investor related events are those, where you are bound to meet and greet founders of new companies. 

Crypto revolution

The startups do not necessarily need to be crypto related. The projects need to be looking for financing their expansion or next big step in development. It’s our task to encourage them to think crypto, think blockchain. By tokenising assets of a company, you’ll be helping the crypto revolution as well. 

Social media

You can also find potential clients by researching cryptocurrency forums. Look for new startups, or small businesses looking for funding. Participate in related Telegram groups. Make new connections across social media to discover new projects. 

Material support

We will provide you with useful materials, such as presentations, videos, graphic designs and other elements that help you to advertise Fintelum. 

So you have a lead, what next?

One of the first things you may want to do is to share a list of leads to check whether they haven’t been approached already by Fintelum in some way. After that is done, the next step is to approach them. It is important to gather as much information about the client as possible. Once you are fully informed and mutually in agreement, it is time to make the introduction to Fintelum. A Fintelum representative will be ready to speak to you, at your convenience. After successfully providing us with the necessary information, we will take over the communication process with the client. If we conclude a successful deal and no disagreements occur, you will be entitled to receiving a fixed one-time payment along with the success fee percentage from the deal. 


Following and interacting with and on Fintelum social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, YourTube) will be considered a bonus and may increase the payout sum in case of a successful client deal conclusion. 

Code of conduct

As a Fintelum agent, we expect you to be aware of the market situation and latest developments. You need to be fluent in English. And have at least basic blockchain literacy. Ideally, you should be experienced in using cryptocurrencies in your daily life, but this is not a requirement. In order to be a successful agent, you need to develop your own sales strategies. Target potential clients effectively, and communicate with the potential clients in a professional manner.