April 5, 2019

Fintelum CEO Liza Aizupiete to take part in jury for the Tax Blockchain Hackathon


The Tax Blockchain Hackathon is organised by Startup Wise Guys, in collaboration with Latvian Ministry of Economics and Latvian State Revenue service.

Blockchain enthusiasts, developers and start-ups are brought together to collaborate and find new solutions that might be used as a public service. Four specific areas of research will be discussed, which are: tax fraud, online cash register, modern technologies and digital transformation, and big data.

An extensive list of mentors from various industries, including IT, science, business development, law and finance, will be aiding the hackathon participants. Liza will be joining Toby Moore from venture capital industry, and two gentlemen from IT&Development sphere Anatoly Ressin and Nikolai Johan Heum in jury and help evaluate the ideas and propositions.

To find out more, visit: https://startupwiseguys.com/blockchain/