August 12, 2019

Fintelum Explainer Video


Are you a business owner?

Chances are, you could really use an injection of capital to fund your great – big idea.

But – you’re too busy actually running your company.

So – what are your options? Grants, loans – sale of equity?

Giving up control to investors can be a devils bargain…  

We, at Fintelum – believe crypto crowdfunding is a better way forward. Let us help your business flourish and grow. Manage your investor relations with blockchain technology. Fundraise in cryptocurrency or fiat. To tokenise right, you and your investors will need to be compliant. 

Fintelum operates in Europe, where cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding are already accepted methods of fundraising.

The initial crypto crowdfunding and secondary P2P trading is made easy by Fintelum.

Let us run your race, while you run your business!

Fintelum #TokeniseYourAssets