October 16, 2020

KEEPP announces blockchain based equity-token crowdfunding (STO)


Keepp – a share company, registered in Latvia is announcing plans for equity crowdfunding campaign assisted by technology and compliance provider Fintelum. In the unprecedented fundraise, Keepp will be issuing a security token on the Ethereum blockchain, representing the share ownership.

The EU-based business Keepp aims to scale market-proven network of short- and long-term self-service storage facilities. In the first phase, the project plans to develop across Riga, Latvia. In the next, Keepp targets Lithuania and Estonia, fully covering the Baltic States and later follow with the expansion across Europe. This fundraise is related to the first phase of business development.

Keepp tested the self-service storage concept from 2018 until late 2020 under the name CityBox (city-box.lv). In order to ensure the growth of the company, the founders Kristaps Laipnieks, Kārlis Jansons and Reinis Grunte changed its trademark, and established a new company – Keepp AS (akciju sabiedrība). The existing investments, clients, cash flows, as well as the experience accumulated by the team were transferred into the Keepp AS capital.

The euro denominated security token offering is planned to be represented on the Ethereum blockchain. The fundraise plans to accept EUR, BTC, ETH as investment currencies. Total funding sought is EUR 850,000. The offering will be open to investments from individuals and corporate entities. Investors may purchase dividend-paying preferred shares of Keepp AS at EUR 2.50 per share. Depending on the investors’ demand, the project considers to open the secondary market, enabled by the Fintelum platform.