July 31, 2019

Fintelum Security Token Offering (STO) implementation


Fintelum Security Token Offering (STO) implementation is an Ethereum Solidity code base. Built as a standard protocol with modular features, it is designed to tackle the need for a compliant blockchain instrument for the capital markets industry. Most notably, to have a blockchain based tool to represent a transferable security instrument in a given jurisdiction.

This paper describes the code functionality in terms of features. And, it explains the necessity of a security token implementation as defined by Fintelum business needs within the European Union (EU) laws.

The paper assumes the readers have the basic understanding of how cryptocurrencies work and what blockchains are. It also assumes the reader is familiar with the basic functioning of capital markets and specifically the methods of fundraising and organised trading.

Access the whitepaper here: https://www.fintelum.com/whitepaper/