December 17, 2019

Festive season’s giveaway!


Dear Community,

How was your 2019?

Ours was relentlessly working towards raising awareness about tokenisation. We met numerous potential issuers from various industries. We spoke to regulators and lobbied changes in the local securities law. We sold our technology and know-how to upcoming crypto businesses. We became members of the main EU crowdfunding organisation ECN and local Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK). And, we are now planning several tokenisation projects to be announced in the New Year.

Now, to celebrate the Year End, we are giving away 40 Ethereum CoinPlus Pre-Launch Edition Solo cards.

A completely non-electronic wallet to guarantee offline safety of your Ethereum blockchain based assets: ETH coins and ERC tokens. The Solo cards can be used as a backup, or as physical cold wallet for your Ethereum based crypto. To learn about Solo cold wallet, visit CoinPlus website or give us a buzz in our Telegram group chat. 

For this Festive season’s giveaway, Fintelum is inviting you to participate in FOUR campaigns:

Facebook campaign

1) like and follow our page;
2) share the giveaway post;
3) contact us directly to enrol with a tag line #FintelumSoloGiveway.

Twitter campaign

1) follow our Twitter account
2) retweet the giveaway tweet; 
3) directly message us to enrol with a tag line #FintelumSoloGiveway.

LinkedIn campaign

1) follow our page
2) share our giveaway post; 
3) and comment on this post to enrol with a tag line #FintelumSoloGiveway.

Telegram campaign

1) join our Telegram group;
2) let us know with a tag line #FintelumSoloGiveway.

We will draw the lucky 10 owners on Wednesday 15 January 2020. Each campaign has 10 cards allocated. In total, we have 40 cards to give away. Participate in all campaigns. And, you will increase the odds of winning.

Good luck in the New Year and have great season’s celebrations!

Disclaimer: Neither Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Telegram endorses, administrates or is associated with this promotional campaign.